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Cameron: Queen's Speech 'unravelling'

The Conservative party have criticised the Queens speech, accusing the government of using it as a "Labour press release on Palace parchment".

Speaking to Today presenter John Humphrys, Conservative leader David Cameron said that the omission of legislation on MPs expenses following Sir Christopher Kelly's report was causing the speech to "unravel", but denied he had colluded with Sir Christopher over the criticisms.

"Either the government is incompetent and hadn't realized that Kelly's report requires these laws to be passed," he said.

"Or they are frightened of their back benchers, or perhaps they don't think cleaning up the House of Commons was as important as they said it was."

Mr Cameron said that if he had been in charge, he would also have set out public sector pay freezes, later retirement ages and a reworking of Tax credits in order to tackle the government deficit.

"Instead of doing something about it, the government are just passing a law that says they are going to half the deficit - we're going to be good, trust us.

"But what the public need to hear, is what they are actually going to do to deal with the deficit."

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