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Today: Monday 21 September 2009

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The Liberal Democrats are proposing a new property tax on homes worth more than a million pounds. And the CBI says students should pay more interest on loans and higher tuition fees, to protect universities from public spending cuts.


The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) says universities should escape the public spending squeeze by charging students higher tuition fees and giving them less financial support. Wes Streeting, president of the National Union of Students (NUS), explains how this will affect students.


Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg faces a revolt from his party over public spending. Political correspondent Ross Hawkins reports from the Lib Dem party conference in Bournemouth on the party's reaction to their leader's policy.

Business news with Adam Shaw


Violence has flared in County Armagh, after three men were sentenced over a dissident republican plot to kill police officers. It comes as police in Northern Ireland crack down on dissident republican activity ahead of the arrival of the new chief constable tomorrow. Correspondent, Natasha Sayee, reports on the latest violence.


The Emmy Awards took place this weekend. Correspondent Peter Bowes reports on the winners and losers at the US television awards ceremony.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.


The French government has said it will close an asylum seeker camp in Calais, where migrants gather to try to reach the UK. Reporter Andrew Hosken reports from the camp known as 'the jungle'.

Today's papers.


The Washington Post has obtained details of the long awaited assessment of the war in Afghanistan by the US and NATO commander, General Stanley McCrystal. Correspondent Allan Little reports from Kabul on General McCrystal's report.

Thought for the day with Reverend Dr David Wilkinson, Principal of St John's College, Durham .


The leader of the Liberal Democrats is proposing that anyone with a house worth more than a million pounds should pay an annual levy. The money would be used to raise the income tax threshold to ten thousand pounds. Liberal democrat leader Nick Clegg explains the proposals, which have come under some criticism from within his party.


Political editor Nick Robinson reports on the Liberal Democrat's proposals for public spending, and the divisions over the policy within the party.


A new CBI reports suggests that students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland should pay more in tuition fees, and that there should be fewer grants and higher rates of interest on loans. John Cridland, deputy director of the CBI, and Les Ebdon, the vice chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire and chairman of Million+, which represents the new universities and polytechnics, discuss the impact of raising students' costs to offset cuts in public spending.


Violence has erupted over the weekend in County Armagh after three men were sentenced over a dissident republican plot to kill police officers. Richard English, Professor of Politics at Queen's University, discusses the latest increase in violence in Northern Ireland.


A new exhibition at the Tate Britain gallery explores a fascinating aspect of artist William Turner's life and work. Whenever Turner came across an artist he considered them a competitor, whether an old master or contemporary. He would make a work of the same genre to demonstrate that he was their equal. John Humphrys reports from the exhibition.

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Sports news with Rob Bonnet.


On World Alzheimer's Day, new findings from Kings College London show that the number of people suffering from dementia is set to double to 65 million by 2030, and to double again by 2050. Dr Robert Stewart, from King's College, explains the new findings, and science correspondent Tom Feilden, reports on the breakthrough, earlier this month, of three new genes identified by researchers in the UK and France.


A debate is brewing at the Liberal Democrat party conference over which direction the party should take. Baroness Shirley Williams discusses whether the ultimate aim should be a reunification of the liberal left.

Business news with Adam Shaw.


Renault are to appear before the Formula 1 governing body, the FIA, in Paris. They are charged with ordering former driver Nelson Piquet Jr to deliberately crash in Singapore last year to help team-mate Fernando Alonso win the race. Tim Harris, author of Players: 250 men, women and animals who created modern sport, and Ed Smith, a former England cricket player and author of What Sport Tells us About Life, discuss who has most influenced modern sport - the cheats, administrators or those who excel in their sport.


The roof over Shakespeare's grave is in danger of collapse, but Stratford Church does not have the £50,000 necessary to fix the rotten beam. Meanwhile the Royal Shakespeare Company is spending £100m on rebuilding a theatre 500 yards away. Correspondent Nick Higham reports from the church.


As a general election approaches, how should the Liberal Democrats position themselves in the political debate? Columnists Matthew Parris and Steve Richards discuss the latest shifts in policy from the Liberal Democrat party conference in Bournemouth.



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