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Page last updated at 06:25 GMT, Monday, 1 June 2009 07:25 UK
Today: Monday 1 June 2009

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer transcripts for our programme interviews. Today is broadcast live and the running order is subject to change.

Alistair Darling has been accused of claiming second home allowance simultaneously on two properties. Mr Darling's spokesman says the allegations are untrue. US car giant, General Motors is expected to file for bankruptcy. And later in the programme Evan Davis speaks to Gordon Brown from Westminster.


Voter support for Labour has dropped to third place behind the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats for the first time since 1987, according to a recent ICM opinion poll. David Cowling, editor of the BBC's political research unit, discusses whether small parties will be able to capitalise on the current anger at mainstream politics in the upcoming local and European elections.


The pensions of MPs embroiled in the expenses scandal have come under scrutiny after it emerged that they are 50% more generous than in the rest of the public sector. Independent pensions consultant John Ralfe looks at the overall cost to the taxpayer.

Business news with Adam Shaw.


A team from the international committee of the Red Cross has entered Pakistan's Swat valley for the first time since fighting between the army and the Taleban began, and have said they are "deeply alarmed" by the conditions there. ICRC spokesman Simon Schorno describes the situation there.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.


A species of Bumblebee which became extinct in the UK in 2000 but has survived in New Zealand is to be reintroduced by 2010. Dr Pete Brotherton, head of biodiversity at Natural England, explains how the plan will work.


Britain's Got Talent's runner up Susan Boyle has been taken to a private clinic after being examined under the Mental Health Act. Reporter Colin Paterson discusses the impact the contest and resulting fame allegedly had on Ms. Boyle.


British academic Danny Blanchflower has reached the end of his three year stint sitting on the panel setting interest rates at the Monetary Policy Committee. He discusses the possible impact of quantitative easing and interest rates cuts on the UK economy.

Today's papers.


The Cloud Appreciation Society claims to have discovered a new type of cloud for the first time in 50 years. They are calling for the asperatus to join the cirrus, altostratus, stratocumulus and cumulus. Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the cloud appreciation society, and veteran weatherman Michael Fish discuss the new classification.

Thought for the day with Clifford Longley.


General Motors is expected to file for bankruptcy, in one of the largest corporate bankruptcies in history. Correspondent Jonathan Beale reports from Detroit on how problems in America's car industry are affecting its workers and Martin Leech, the former head of Ford/Mazerati in Europe discusses the future of GM.


Recent polls indicate public support for Labour has dropped below that of both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats for the first time since 1987. Prime Minister Gordon Brown discusses the moral and political damage caused by the ongoing expenses scandal.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

'Political shock' to follow financial crisis


Historian Professor Niall Ferguson has said he believes the recession is far from over and will soon give rise to a major political crisis. Professor Ferguson explains the reasons for his statements.


The Civic Society Initiative has been launched as a replacement for the Civic Trust, which went bankrupt last month. Griff Rhys Jones, former president of the Civic Trust, explains what the new initiative will do and why it is needed.

Business news with Adam Shaw.


Can graphs be beautiful? Professor Hans Rosling has been credited by Bill Gates as one of his inspirations for giving money to charity, due to his use of animated graphs to present information. Professor Rosling explains the importance of making data accessible to everyone.


On day 25 of the expenses scandal, political editor Nick Robinson reflects on the impact it has had on Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and on UK politics in general.


Britain's Got Talent's runner up Susan Boyle has been taken to a private clinic after being examined under the Mental Health Act. Fred O'Neil, her friend and former voice coach and media consultant Steve Hewlett discuss the affect that participating in the programme had on Ms. Boyle.


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