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Clubland cartoons

London's Pall Mall

The inhabitants of London's private members clubs have long provided fruitful material for cartoons and caricatures. The Cartoon Museum has a new exhibition - A Peep into London Clubland.

Dandy Pickpockets, diving, by Isaac Robert Cruickshank, dated 1818

The dandies of the early 19th Century were an intrinsic part of London club life. The greatest was Beau Brummell, whose debts eventually forced him to flee to France in 1816.

Club Life, Fougasse, November 1951, Punch

Visitors to the Athenaeum can either take a marble staircase to the upper floors - or use a tiny lift in the front hall. Fougasse, himself a member, drew this in 1951 and donated the cartoon to the club.

How's that?! by Fougasse, July 1921, Punch

This cartoon, from the MCC, is called How's That?! Fougasse drew it to show what combined effort will sometimes achieve - the batsman is given out when the whole field appeals.

Stan Eales cartoon

Stan Eales's cartoon can be found at the Royal Automobile Club. The club dates from 1897 when Fredrick Simms and his friend Charles Harrington Moore gathered 164 men "interested in road locomotion".

Pont's The British Character, March 1937, Punch

From the RAC, this study of the British character deals with a partiality for open fires. Between 1934 and 1938, Pont produced a series of cartoons of the British at work, home and play.

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