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Page last updated at 07:09 GMT, Thursday, 1 January 2009
Today: Thursday 1 January 2009

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer transcripts for our programme interviews. Today is broadcast live and the running order is subject to change.

Israel has carried out more attacks on Hamas targets in Gaza. Gordon Brown has acknowledged that the coming year will not be easy for Britain. And guest editor Sir Win Bischoff, chairman of Citigroup, discusses banking, bonuses and repentance.

The UK Career Academy Foundation is a charity that goes into partnership with selected schools and creates opportunities for children who wouldn't normally have them. Guest editor Sir Win Bischoff visits a Career Academy scheme at Sir George Monoux College in Walthamstow, East London.

How will the UK remain competitive once the credit crunch is over? Anshu Jain, head of global markets at Deutsche Bank, discusses if Britain's role as a business service centre is sustainable.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has joined the chorus of those calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Karen AbuZayd, commissioner general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, and Captain Benjamin Rutland, of the Israeli Defence Force, discuss the situation the prime minister described as a "humanitarian crisis".

What sort of 2008 have the Chinese people had? Today's guest editor Sir Win Bischoff talks to his friend CH Tung, Chinese tycoon and former chief executive of Hong Kong, about the emerging markets that are now influencing global economics.

Business news with Nick Cosgrove.

Nearly half of all grassroots members of the Conservative party are not enthused by David Cameron as leader, a Conservative survey says. Editor of ConservativeHome Tim Montgomerie, the unofficial Tory website responsible for the survey, discusses what sort of leadership he thinks is required.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Are schools doing enough to teach financial literacy? Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families Ed Balls discusses if children are now being better equipped with the skills needed to make complex financial decisions.

Today's papers.

The spectacular success of the British Olympic Cycling Team led today's guest editor, Sir Win Bischoff, to wonder whether they had any advice that they could give businesses about how to perform better. Business presenter Adam Shaw visits the team's headquarters to find out more.

Thought for the day with the Reverend Dr Giles Fraser, Vicar of Putney.

During the current crisis in Gaza, Hamas leaders have remained relatively silent. Hamas government spokesman Taher al-Nono discusses if Hamas will stop firing rockets and Dr Hassan Khalaf, director of the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza, describes the situation the prime minister described as a "humanitarian crisis".

When 2008 began, no one was fully aware of the impact of the credit crunch on the banking industry. Guest editor Sir Win Bischoff, chairman of Citigroup, discusses if anyone could have predicting the current situation in the economy.

The UN Security Council has discussed a draft resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire to halt Israeli-Palestinian violence. Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen, and Martin Indyk, former US ambassador to Israel, discuss George Bush's public calls for Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Control of Baghdad's fortified green zone is to transfer from the United States to the Iraqi security forces. Correspondent Caroline Wyatt considers the Iraqi move to take greater control of its own security.

Was former US President Franklin D Roosevelt right when he told the American people that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself"? Professor Tony Badger, of Cambridge University, discusses what can be learned from President Roosevelt's strategy for tackling the Great Depression.

Business news with Nick Cosgrove.

Can any useful parallels be drawn between conducting an orchestra and running a company? Guest editor Sir Win Bischoff visits the English National Opera to speak to musical director Ed Gardner.

Slovakia has become the 16th member of the eurozone, 10 years since the beginning of the European Monetary Union. Ruth Lee, economic adviser to the Arbuthnot Banking Group, and Mark Leonard, executive director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, discuss if the UK will be joining the euro any time soon.

Today's guest editor Sir Win Bischoff has commissioned a programme that questions how business figures can learn from other industries. He discusses the choices he made and the experience of editing the Today programme.


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