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Page last updated at 08:17 GMT, Monday, 29 December 2008
Images of Liberia


One of the orphan pupils at his school in the Monrovia slum of Clara Town; as well as attending school, he sleeps on the school steps as he has nowhere else to go.


The school in Clara Town Elementary School in Monrovia is a publicly or government-funded school with over 1,000 pupils.


The headmaster of this school in Bong County did not attend school himself until he was an adult. None of the other teachers are paid: they farm to sustain themselves.

Children in Breville, Liberia

Children attending a special school for the deaf and blind having an animated conversation using sign language in Breville, just outside Monrovia.

Liberia special school

Teta Torbor (12) and 13-year-old Veronica Nagbe attend the blind school together in Breville.

Liberia school

Zadie Smith visited the Isaac A David fee-paying school in a suburb of Monrovia. Parents, who are not well-off, still pay to send their children to "orderly" classes.


This women's co-operative, which grows rice and peppers, was set up to provide an income for women who used to live on the street in Monrovia.

Women harvesting rice grown in Carysburg

The co-operative was set up to emulate the Fairtrade model - but when Zadie Smith visited the women were forced to harvest the rice by hand for lack of tools


A young boy playing with a football on his way home from school in Volloblai.


Wealth and poverty sit side-by-side in Liberia: this ranch was owned by one of Charles Taylor's mistresses. It now stands dilapidated - aside from the occasional NGO visitor


With over three million, people in Liberia, there are 16 indigenous ethnic groups and various foreign minorities. Descendants of African-American settlers makeup 2.5% of the population.

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