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You've got Royal Mail

Queen at Google (Google/PA)
She is more usually associated with old-fashioned snail mail - after all, her head does grace the UK's stamps.

But it seems that the Queen has abandoned hand-written missives in favour of a more modern approach - Her Majesty is reported to keep in touch with her grandchildren via e-mail.

As the Queen visits the headquarters of search giant Google to discover the latest advances in web technology, Sue Townsend, author of The Queen and I, imagines what Her Majesty's e-mails would look like.

The Royal correspondence

It is long past midnight. Her Majesty the Queen is crouched over her computer.

"Ah! Facebook!" the Queen says.

She begins to type her profile:

How do you do? I am Elizabeth Windsor; I live in central London, Norfolk, Windsor and Scotland. I am of mature years and work as a ribbon cutter at school, hospital and bridge openings. I am a dog and horse lover and my hobbies are stamp collecting, amassing a private fortune and improving my Internet skills. If you would like to be my Facebook friend please do-not hesitate to contact me on,

As a corgi barks, she says: "Quiet darling! Go back to bed. I have to send an e-mail."

Queen to Philip

Queen to William

Queen to Harry

Anne to Queen

Derek to Queen

Queen to Derek

Dead Ringers actress Jan Ravens provided the voice for the Queen. She is currently working as an ambassador for Action Aid.

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