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Today: Saturday 13 September 2008

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer transcripts for our programme interviews. Today is broadcast live and the running order is subject to change.

Political correspondent Norman Smith says more Labour MPs are expected to call for a leadership election to replace Gordon Brown after a junior minister was sacked for doing so.

When Hurricane Ike hits the coast near Texas it could cause "potentially catastrophic" damage, a senior US official warns. Our correspondent Rajesh Mirchandani reports from the coast near Houston.

Today's papers.

Both Russia's Prime Minister and the country's president have been talking to Western journalists this week. Our diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall tells us what they have said, and what their words tells us about their character.

Is the high price of oil putting the brakes on globalisation? Soaring transport costs mean that it's no longer cost effective to make goods like furniture in low-wage economies and then ship them half way across the world. As a result, many international companies are now looking to site their factories as close as possible to the markets they serve. Our North America business correspondent Greg Wood visited a depressed area of the US which is making a surprising come-back.

Sports news with Rob Nothman.

The prime minister of Haiti has told this programme that she believes the number of those made homeless by the four hurricanes that have battered the country in the last month could be up to a million. She has been speaking to our correspondent Mike Thomson, who reports from the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince.

The Scottish Labour Party unveils its new leader today and many supporters hope this will mark a change in the party's fortunes. Scotland Political Editor Brian Taylor reports.

Today's papers.

What does President Bush really think about the progress of the war in Iraq? Throughout his presidency he has given interviews to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post for his book, The War Within which is out this week. Bob Woodward tells us what he has learned.

Thought for the day with the Reverend Joel Edwards.

Bankers pay needs to be reformed so they are no longer handsomely rewarded for deals that turn bad according to the chairman of the world's second biggest bank, HSBC. Our business editor Robert Peston reports.

It has emerged that the Irish bookmakers Paddy Power took so many bets on XL Airways going under on Thursday afternoon that it closed its book. It cost the bookie about 15,000. We ask Paddy Power how they set the odds with a private company like XL.

This weekend a new production opens at the Theatre Royal in York of William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies. Our reporter Luke Walton went to see a preview, and spoke to William Golding's daughter about the enduring appeal of Lord of the Flies.

We speak to Booker prize winning author Salman Rushdie who has contributed to a new book about AIDs in India. For the book, Rushdie went to Bombay, the city of his birth, to spend time with the "transgenders" - members of the "third sex" community known as hijras.

Sports news with Rob Nothman.

Labour Party Vice Chair Joan Ryan has joined calls for a challenge to Gordon Brown, in what is looking increasingly like a small but concerted campaign against the Prime Minister. Labour Party Chair Tony Lloyd responds followed by analysis from Political Editor Nick Robinson.

How have people in Zimbabwe responded to the news of a power-sharing deal between Robert Mugabe and the opposition? Our correspondent Karen Allen has managed to get into the country.

Tonight's last night of the proms will have its Elgar moment along with an innovation involving a vibrato, a controlled wobble in the strings as tonight's conductor, Sir Roger Norrington explains.

Andrew Motion, the Poet Laureate has complained he has been suffering from writer's block and discusses the condition and how to get over it with novelist and poet Michelle Roberts.



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