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Today: Tuesday 12 August 2008

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Is there anything the United States can do in the face of Russia's action in Georgia? President Bush has called it "unacceptable"; while Vice-President Dick Cheney says it will "not go unanswered". North America editor Justin Webb reports from Washington.

The number of Britons arrested in Spain rose by almost a third last year, says an annual Foreign Office report. Meg Munn, a Foreign Office minister, explains why 2,032 people were detained by the authorities.

Business news with Nick Cosgrove.

Haaf Netting, a form of sea-fishing that dates back to Viking times, is coming under threat from landowners who own fishing rights upstream in Cumbria's Solway Estuary. Correspondent Ray Buchanan reports on the fishermen challenging the restrictions.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors will publish its monthly survey of the housing market. Simon Rubinsohn, chief economist of the organisation, discusses what will be featured in the report.

Sports news with Mike Sewell.

A rape victim who was told her compensation would be cut because she had been drinking before the attack has had the decision overturned. Debaleena Dasgupta, the lawyer who represented the victim, explains the shift in policy.

Today's papers.

It is the Glorious Twelfth, the beginning of the shooting season for Red Grouse. Correspondent Bob Walker reports on the argument about the impact of the sport on birds of prey.

Thought for the day with Akhandadi Das, Hindu theologian and teacher.

The latest inflation figures will be released. The rate is currently high by recent standards. George Buckley, of Deutsche Bank, discusses if this is a blip that will soon pass.

George W Bush has said that Russian actions in Abkhazia and the other breakaway province of South Ossetia are "unacceptable in the 21st Century" and that Moscow has been guilty of a "dramatic and brutal escalation" in the conflict. Denis Keefe, Britain's ambassador in Georgia, discusses the chance of a ceasefire.

Is society more obsessed with celebrity than in previous decades? Authors Christopher Brookmyre and Mark Borkowski discuss if the love of fame and fascination with stars will peter out.

Sports news with Mike Sewell.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has said its policy is not to reduce awards to rape victims who have been drinking. Reductions were made in 14 cases. Justice minister Bridget Prentice clarifies the policy towards rape compensation.

Campaigners are fighting to protect a boatyard in Oxford, made famous by the TV series Inspector Morse, from developers who want to build flats on the site. Correspondent Jane Peel reports from the Jericho area of the city.

To make sure there was no rain over the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing, the Chinese had fired over 1,000 rain dispersal rockets into the sky, to blow clouds away. Professor Johnny Chan, of the City University of Hong Kong, discusses whether the technology works.

Business news with Nick Cosgrove.

The battle between Australia and Britain in The Ashes series in cricket is no longer the only major rivalry between the two countries. Garry Richardson reports from the Olympics in Beijing.

A collection of Dylan Thomas' inscribed books, letters and manuscripts is for sale. It has been assembled by a New York collector over 15 years. Bookseller Rick Gekoski discusses the quality of the pieces.

Russia's action in Georgia has been criticised by US president George Bush. Simon Sebag Montefiore, biographer of Joseph Stalin, discusses the conflict.


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