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Today: Friday 25 July 2008

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The Scottish National Party claims that their by-election win in Glasgow last night was "not just a political earthquake" it was off the Richter Scale. Nicola Sturgeon, deputy leader of the SNP, discusses the impact of the result.

Newspapers have railed against what they claim is a new privacy law in all but name after Max Mosley's victory against the News of the World. Rachel Atkins, of the law firm Schillings, discusses whether lawyers agree with the media.

Business news with Nick Cosgrove.

The British Library Sound Archive has acquired the audio recordings of the Survey of Anglo-Welsh Dialects, a unique investigation into the local vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar of English in Wales. Robert Penhallurick, of the University of Wales, discusses the survey.

Sports news with RobáBonnet.

After the SNP's victory in the Glasgow by-election, Gordon Brown's leadership has been called into question. Labour MP Martin Salter says he can't see anyone else better qualified than Brown to lead the country.

Adults should confront teens if they act anti-socially according to Mike Craik, chief constable of the Northumbrian police. He says that adults were "too frightened" - particularly of knives - to get involved.

Today's papers

In Afghanistan, another British soldier has died and at least four have been injured in Helmand province. Correspondent Alastair Leithead, embedded with 2 Para battle group in the Sanguin Valley, saw the intensity of fighting first hand.

Thought for the day with JohnáBelláofátheáIonaáCommunity.

Almost half of fertility experts say access to IVF should be conditional - and smokers or the obese should be denied treatment, a survey shows. Dr Peter Brodie, of Guy's Hospital, and Clare Brown, of the Infertility Network UK, discuss the issue.

The SNP has pulled off a stunning by-election victory by winning Glasgow East, one of Labour's safest seats. Des Browne, secretary of state for Scotland, and Professor John Curtice, of Strathclyde University, discuss the 22.5% swing in the vote.

Despite the ú9bn budget for the London Olympic Village, some locals fail to see any the benefits in the scheme. Author Iain Sinclair explains what he doesn't like about the London Olympic project on a mini-walking tour of the area.

A passenger plane en route from London to Melbourne has made an emergency landing. Correspondent Michael Barker reports.

Sports news with RobáBonnet.

A hole has appeared in the fuselage of a Qantas jumbo jet, caused by a "big bang", forcing the plane to land in the Philippines. Olivia Lucas, a passenger on the flight, describes the pandemonium.

David Cameron has called for Gordon Brown to take his holidays "but then I think we need an election".

The public are being asked to help spot basking sharks in the first survey of its kind. The sharks are now quite common off the UK coast line, particularly in south-west England. Correspondent Alex Bushill explains the new addition to the British summer holiday.

Business news with Nick Cosgrove.

Across Whitehall, economists are called on to size up the issues involved in almost every policy. But should they be taken seriously? Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist, and Phil Collins, of the London School of Economics, discuss how much influence economists should have.

Barack Obama's speech in Berlin last night won cheers in Europe, but it was really designed to boost his electoral chances back home. Correspondent Jonathan Beale reports from Washington on the reaction in the US to his tour.

Thanks to the voters of Glasgow East, Gordon Brown might not have the quiet uninterrupted summer break he was hoping for. Fraser Nelson, of The Spectator, and Kevin Maguire, of the Daily Mirror, discuss where last night's by-election defeat leaves the man who promised to re-new his party.


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