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Today: Tuesday 22 July 2008

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In Geneva, trade ministers are trying to agree a new global deal to shape and extend the rules of trade. William Bernstein, a financial theorist and historian, says trade has made us both prosperous and at times vulnerable.

One of the world's most wanted men Radovan Karadzic, has been arrested. He is twice indicted for genocide. Author Misha Glenny, who was a BBC correspondent in the Balkans, explains the developments.

Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangarai have signed a deal to talk about who should run Zimbabwe. Peter Hain, the former minister for Africa, says there is still much to do if a deal is to be done.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Investors in UK bank HBOS have overwhelmingly declined the chance to buy new shares in the firm. Business editor Robert Peston reports on the investment banks who have underwritten the shares.

Scientists are hailing a new drug to treat aggressive prostate cancer as potentially the most significant advance in the field for 70 years. Dr Johann de Bono, who led the research, says it is a major step forward.

Sports news with Kevin Howells.

The Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has been arrested after almost 13 years on the run. The BBC's Allan Little, who reported on the war and met Karadzic several times, and Nerma Jelacic, a spokeswoman for the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague, confirm details surrounding the arrest.

Today's papers.

The prime minister will address the Commons on Iraq. He is expected to speak about cutting the number of British forces there, while stopping short of a complete withdrawal. Retired Major General Tim Cross, the most senior British official who worked on post-war planning in Iraq, discusses how far the situation has progressed over the last five years.

Thought for the day with novelist and columnist Anne Atkins.

An all party committee of MPs is condemning what it calls the "inexorable rise in sentences" for criminals and the failure to make more use of community sentences. Alun Michael, Labour MP and an author of the report, and Nick Herbert, the Shadow Justice Secretary, discuss the findings.

Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic, one of the world's most wanted men, has been arrested in Serbia after 13 years on the run. Kemal Pervanic, who was sent to a 'concentration camp' by Karadic, and Lord Ashdown, former high representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, discuss how important this arrest is.

With David Cameron, Boris Johnson and George Osborne favouring two wheels over four, political, and now cycling, correspondent Norman Smith reports on whether the bike is now a symbol of the new Tory party?

Sports news with Kevin Howells.

Should public servants, such as the top executives from the BBC or Network Rail, get bonuses to bring them into line with the private sector? Professor Simon Burgess, of Bristol University, and Lord James, corporate troubleshooter and Conservative life peer, explain the difference between the two sectors.

After Princess Anne was seen wearing the same outfit she sported at a wedding 27 years ago, the fashion press have started debating whether this is the ultimate faux pas or a welcome Royal endorsement for recycling. Hadley Freeman, of the Guardian, and fashion designer Paul Costelloe discuss the princess's fashion sense.

Business news with Adam Shaw.

Barack Obama has arrived in Jordan, the latest destination in his world tour. Correspondent James Coomarasamy reports.

What will happen now to Radovan Karadzic? Former foreign secretary Lord Owen and correspondent Jeremy Bowen discuss the process ahead for the alleged war criminal.


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