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Today: Saturday 28 June 2008

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The election in Zimbabwe has taken place, but no information has been released about the turnout or the way people voted. Peter Biles reports from South Africa.

The Italian government has announced that it will fingerprint every gypsy in the country and that those found to be in Italy illegally will be deported. Christian Fraser reports from Rome.

The government strategy on gun crime has been attacked in a report from the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at Kings College London. They argue that instead of enforcement the government should focus on tackling the route causes of gang violence. Home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw reports.

The paper review.

MPs in the Treasury Select Committee are still unhappy with the compensation package offered to those left worse off by the end of the 10p tax band. Alicia McCarthy reports.

After years of disagreement, there are signs that the international community is nearing a compromise over whaling. Richard Black reports on an unlikely peace between whaling nations and those like Britain who have fought to maintain the global moratorium on commercial whaling.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

The meeting of traditionalist bishops in Jerusalem over the past few days has underscored the depth of the divisions in the Anglican Communion. Not only are they split over the issue of homosexuality, but as Robert Pigott reports, they are also divided on the church's relationship with other faiths. Peter Jensen, Archbishop of Sydney, explains what the meeting has achieved.

The paper review.

A new method for tracking penguins has been found using the spots on their chest. Professor Peter Barham of Bristol University made the discovery.

Thought for the day with the writer Rhidian Brook.

MPs on the Treasury Select Committee have said that more must be done to compensate those hit by the irradiation of the 10p tax band. Committee chairman John McFall MP gives his thoughts on the next chapter in the 10 pence tax row.

The votes have been cast in Zimbabwe's presidential second round election, but the crisis in the country continues. John Simpson reports on the reaction to the vote from inside the country and we hear one Zimbabwean's account of election day in Harare.

The price of oil has hit record levels again and as oil prices rise, stocks and shares fall. Markets analyst Howard Wheeldon and Conservative shadow business secretary Alan Duncan discuss the effect of oil prices on economic stability.

Sport news with Garry Richardson.

Next week the NHS will celebrate its 60th birthday but is celebrate the right word? Labour peer Lord Morgan discusses health service history with shadow minister for health Lord McColl.

Germany play Spain in the final of Euro 2008 on Sunday. Carlos Miranda, the Spanish Ambassador in London and Dr Eckhard Lubkemeier, the German Charge d'Affaires compete for your support.

The paper review.

The band that opened the original Glastonbury 38 years ago are playing the festival again. Jon Kay meets veteran rockers Stackridge.


What could tip Zimbabwe over the edge and remove Robert Mugabe from power? Historians RW Johnson and Robert Service discuss how parallels from the past help us understand whether and when the people of Zimbabwe will say enough is enough.

Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander is expected to announce she will stand down. Glen Campbell reports.


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