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Today: Saturday 14 June 2008

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Europe correspondent Jonny Dymond explains what Europe might do next now that Ireland has said no to the Lisbon Treaty.

There was a violent jailbreak in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan yesterday.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana is in Iran for the first time in two years. Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen looks at his chances of success in ending the nuclear stand-off.

New steps to try and help children with special needs look set to be approved by Parliament. Mark Darcy reports on yesterday in Parliament.

The report into last years flooding found that that more needed to be done to warn the public of impending downpours. The head of forecasting at the Met Office Brian Golding explains the progress being made in forecasting extreme rainfall.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.


George McGovern, the US politician who ran against Richard Nixon for president and lost, has been awarded the World Food Prize, equivalent to a Nobel. McGovern explains the work that still needs to be done in the fight against world hunger, and discusses parallels with current democratic candidate Barack Obama.

Today's papers.

Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip one year ago. What is life like for those living with a militant Islamist government and under Israeli blockade?


The annual man versus horse marathon takes place today. Across a 22 mile course in Llanwrtyd Wells, forty horses and 500 runners race each other through some of the finest scenery in mid-Wales. Huw Lobb was the first person ever to beat the horse.

Thought for the day with Canon David Winter.


On the second day of a four day strike by tanker drivers, Len McCluskey, the assistant general secretary of the Unite union, warns that another strike is likely if the dispute is not resolved.


With rising oil and food prices, is a decline in standards of living inevitable? Kenneth Clarke MP and economic commentator Irwin Stelzer discuss an uncertain economic future.


Former social worker Lisa Arthurworrey was sacked and banned from working with children for failing to prevent the death of Victoria Climbie. She admits to reporter Angus Stickler that she made mistakes but claims to have been a victim of 'institutionalised scapegoating'.


Has the devastated economy in the Gaza Strip made Gazans more reliant on Hamas? A year after Hamas took over Gaza by force, BBC Ramallah correspondent Aleem Maqbool went to the strip to speak to residents about their experiences.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet


Ireland's rejection of the EU reform treaty has sent shockwaves though European politics. Shadow foreign secretary William Hague and Europe minister Jim Murphy give their analysis of the treaty's future.

Today's papers


Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, tells the story of Sergey, an Armenian doctor forced to leave his own country after being threatened with death by the KGB and now an asylum seeker in London.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. Public policy editor of the Sunday Telegraph Alasdair Palmer and Helena Kennedy QC discuss whether our civil liberties are being eroded by the government.


How do you turn a vegetable into a musical instrument? Scientist Steve Mesure and musician Eugene Skeef explain how they are using music-making vegetables to get children interested in science and engineering as part of the Street Vibe Festival of Sound.


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