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Today: Friday 13 June 2008

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David Davis has resigned as an MP in order to put himself up for a by-election in his own constituency on the issue of 42 day detention; he says he wants to lead a national debate on civil liberties. Matthew Taylor, Tony Blair's former chief strategy adviser, and Conservative MP Roger Gale discuss the implications of his decision.

An Ofsted survey of 14 failing schools which have all pulled themselves out of special measures could have lessons for all schools, according to the schools inspectorate. Jane Joyner, of Ofsted, says strong leadership, discipline and school uniforms have helped turn these schools around.

Business with Nick Cosgrove.

Political correspondent Ross Hawkins investigates the reasons why MPs who originally said they would vote against the Government on 42 days, then changed their mind and voted with them. Were they brought round by the compelling arguments, or is this pork barrel politics at play?

Sport with Rob Nothman.

The UN has issued dire warnings about the crisis in Zimbabwe saying that forthcoming harvests are likely to leave three quarters of the country hungry. The BBC is banned from Zimbabwe, but correspondent Ian Pannell reports undercover from the rural province of Manicaland where he found that many people are paying the price for their political loyalties.

The Sun columnist Kelvin MacKenzie tells us why he's considering standing against David Davis in a by-election over 42 day detention.

Today's papers.

A concert designed specifically to induce sleep has been performed in Tokyo with music commissioned by a Japanese airline. Our Tokyo correspondent Chris Hogg was at the concert.

Thought for the day with Vishvapani, a member of the Western Buddhist Order.

Fuel deliveries to hundreds of Shell petrol stations will stop as a result of strike action by tanker drivers. Tony Woodley, from the union Unite, and Bernie Holloway, a spokesman for Hoyer - one of the two companies in dispute with the union - discuss the negotiations.

David Davis has resigned his seat, triggering a by-election which he will fight on 42 day detention. He claims to have taken a stand on civil liberties and hopes for a 'great debate'.

Folkestone has faced difficult times in recent years. Will the efforts of Turner Prize winning artists help to regenerate its struggling economy? Evan Davis visits the town to report on the Folkestone Triennial.

Sports news with Rob Nothman.

Defence minister Bob Ainsworth yesterday apologised to MPs after a board of inquiry said 'systemic failings' probably caused an explosion that killed two crewmen on board a Royal Navy submarine. Vice Admiral Trevor Soar, who is responsible for equipment issues in the navy, explains how they have improved safety measures onboard their vessels.

Britain's biggest publishing group has accused internet giant Amazon of putting the publishing industry at risk. Today reporter Nicola Stanbridge investigates how internet book sellers have changed the publishing industry.

Banks are facing problems as their share prices fall and the worst affected banks are finding it difficult to raise more capital. Sir Michael Savory, a former lord mayor of the city, says share prices have 'probably seen the worst'.

Business with Nick Cosgrove.

David Davis' resignation was a huge surprise to Westminster but is there a precedent for this sort of protest? Anthony Howard, veteran political commentator, and Tim Montgomerie, editor of Conservativehome.com, discuss whether single issue by-elections ever work.


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