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Today: Saturday 7 June 2008

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The Conservative party chairman Caroline Spelman is facing allegations that she used her MP's allowance to pay her former nanny. Ben Wright, our political correspondent, explains what she is supposed to have done.

Zimbabwe's authorities have blocked Morgan Tsvangirai from holding rallies in his campaign for the presidency in the run-off election. Correspondent Caroline Hawley in Johannesburg reports.


Euro 2008 kicks off - but none of the teams are British. So who should football fans support? The Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Turkish ambassadors explain why the British should think about supporting them.

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Israel's prime minister Ehud Olmert has recently announced new, mediated talks with Syria. Those talks will include the issue of the Golan Heights, an area of strategic significance which also supplies almost one third of Israel's fresh water. Wyre Davies reports on the many elements that make a future deal with Syria an elusive goal.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

A senior Western diplomat claims that Robert Mugabe is now only a figurehead in Zimbabwe, and the military have seized control. Dr Martin Rupiya, a former Zimbabwean colonel, and Aziz Pahad, South Africa's deputy foreign minister, discuss what is happening inside Zimbabwe.

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The search for the person who will decide how much the old Northern Rock shareholders should get by way of payment for their stake has begun. Business editor Robert Peston has a few words of warning for anyone thinking of applying for this new post.

Thought for the Day with Canon David Winter.

Next Thursday, Ireland will vote on the EU's Lisbon Treaty. A poll in the Irish Times has put the No side 5-points in the lead. An astonishing advance -- they were well behind. It's happened before of course, Ireland voted against the Nice treaty before given the chance to change its mind.


Tory party chairman Caroline Spelman has admitted that she used her MP's allowance to pay her nanny for secretarial work. The shadow chancellor George Osborne is in Washington - to talk to the federal reserve chairman Ben Bernanke about the economy. He defends Mrs Spelman and discusses how the Conservatives would deal with the current economic crisis.

It may be the start of Euro 2008, but there are no home teams playing. there's no home team playing. Given Britain has a good track record in inventing many of today's most popular sports, why is that we seem to lack so much when it comes to international competitions? Sports editor Mihir Bose investigates.

Sport from Garry Richardson.


Former prime minister Sir John Major has attacked the government in an article written for The Times on Friday. The piece has stirred up the debate on the issue of detaining terror suspects for 42 days. Sir John Major explains the thinking behind his claims.


Which team should British football fans be rooting for? No home teams are playing in Euro 2008 - but Today has asked a number of ambassadors to make the case for their countries.

Oil prices have surged yet again. But is it speculators who are driving the price so high? Economist Lord Desai believes so, while Alex Kemp, the professor of petroleum economics at Aberdeen University, is less sure.

A new book by the economics editors of the Guardian and the Mail on Sunday critiques the institutions and values that led to the credit crunch, and the acquiescence of modern politics in them. Larry Elliot, one of the authors of The Gods That Failed - How Blind Faith In Markets Has Cost Us Our Future discusses the idea behind the book with Derek Scott, a former advisor to Tony Blair.


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