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What is delicious?

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Here at Today we're using delicious to provide a quick, easy way to find other websites, blogs and trusted information sources that relate to specific Today programme items.

delicious is a free social bookmarking service for helping people find, organise and share their favourite internet weblinks.

What you'll see when you go to our delicious account page is a list of all the items that we've chosen to save and share so far.

We are also making it easier for you to find specific reports and interviews from an online audio archive stretching back to 2003.

Clicking on any item listed will launch the relevant audio file playable in RealPlayer.


If you want to find Today archive material, the easiest way to search for the audio is to use the single word 'tags' on the right hand column (see above screenshot).

Every single archive audio item has been tagged with the time (eg 08:10), the day (eg 1), the month (eg april) and the year (eg 2008) of broadcast - or a combination of both (eg 1april april2008).

Other relevant subject headings have also been included (eg harman deputypm bodyarmour).

To narrow down your search you can combine tags with a + sign (eg 1st+april+2008) and you can search for these either within delicious itself - or you can simply type in the URL into your web browser in the following way:



If you sign up for your own del.icio.us account, you'll be able to join our network so that you can merge weblinks that you find interesting with ours. See http://delicious/network/todayarchive.

If you use the same tags as us (e.g. r4today or 08:10) it's easy to create a single view of our shared links so that our audio archive can enrich any online research or bookmarking you're doing on a particular subject.

For example, look at what happens when we use our tag 'creditcrunch' to search across the whole of the del.icio.us community for people using that very same tag:

With one click you're now connected to dozens of peer-recommended web sites that contain news and information about the credit crunch.

Notice too that you're also connected to dozens of other web users who have demonstrated an interest and some knowledge of the subject.

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