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What is Twitter?
Today's Twitter account
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Here at Today, we're using the online service Twitter to send out simple text alerts about upcoming items that you might not want to miss, and programme highlights that you might want to listen to again.

Twitter is an online service for letting people know what you're up to at any time of day or night.

It also allows you to keep track of what other people are up to, either by monitoring their Twitter updates online, or by receiving updates directly to your phone in the form of SMS text messages.

Take a look to see how BBC programme makers and Today listeners are using Twitter throughout the day to keep mobile users informed of breaking news and short sharp insights into daily life.

Currently Today is committed to sending out alerts at least twice a day. To automatically receive these updates, you'll need to create your own Twitter account and then sign up to 'follow' our account.

Signing up to Twitter means you are connecting into a community of people who are all keen to let you know what they're up to and provide you with links to other web sites of interest.

Here at Today we like to follow all those people who are following us - which then gives us all a direct link to hundreds of active and expert Today listeners with insights into their particular spheres of interest.

And wherever possible we intend to include a direct link to the audio mentioned in each alert so that from each Twitter alert it will be possible to link straight through to our Listen Again service and hear the relevant item.

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