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Your child's environments

Kids need the freedom to have fun.

But their safety is of paramount importance.

What to check:

  • Equipment is safe and well maintained

  • Medical and first aid procedures. Does the coach know first aid?

  • The playing area is safe (free of sharp objects, needles, dog litter etc)

  • There's an arrangement for registering children which includes contact details and health issues

  • There's an adequate staff to child ratio. Is there enough supervision?

  • The staff are appropriate - eg, female staff for girls

  • The collection arrangements following sessions

  • Toilet and wet weather facilities

    Has your child got the right kit?

    Whether it's a correctly fitting mouthguard for rugby or a helmet for cycling, each sport has it's own requirements.

    Check what your child might need in our What's Your Game section.

    Safe sessions

    You can't prevent all accidents or injuries in sport, but it does help to follow a simple plan:

  • A warm up

  • Adequate supervision at all times

  • The involvement of all children

  • Appropriate activities for all participants

  • A warm down

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  • The best thing about sport for kids? Participation in a structured activity outside the school environment - and it encourages teamwork.
    - A Squibb, rowing coach


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