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Play it safe

The safety and well-being of your child when playing sport is important for their enjoyment and your greater peace of mind.

This section covers how to check the safety of the sporting environment; how to deal with accidents and abuse; the effects of burnout and growth spurts; and questions for the club and coach.

If I went to a new club I would want to make sure that safety, child protection, qualified coaches, insurance, first aid etc were sufficiently covered.
- Kimberley Dight Smith, hockey coach

Your child's environments
Health and safety is the most important factor when your child is playing sport. We give you a few pointers on what to keep your eye on.
Eat right, drink well
The correct food and drink can help performance on the field.
Be safe on the pitch
Football should be fun and safe so it's even more important not to overlook the standards of goalposts
Let's play together
Wheelchair rugby player Andy Barrow says there are few differences between able-bodied and disability sport
The value of independence
Former tennis player and television presenter Andrew Castle says that parents have to let their kids find their own feet
Although children are now more confident about their involvement in sport, they feel more pressure about not being good enough

There's no guidebook to being a parent, it's something you learn as you go along
- Jeremy Guscott, rugby legend

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