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Liz McColgan on nurturing family talent
Liz McColgan believes being positive is crucial to success

Scotland's long distance running star Liz McColgan on making it to the top and how she is helping to nurture the talents of her four children.

My parents did not have much of an influence when I started running.

Back then there was not as much focus on the sport, and even fewer girls really competing. So my parents saw it as a passing phase.

I was actually glad they were like that because I was able to develop at my own pace, and did the sport because I wanted to.

They never pressured me into training or racing.

Variety is the spice of life

They came to some events but not all of them, and I think I surprised them when they saw how good I was!

The main thing I do differently with my kids is that I encourage them to be healthy, not sporty.

I encourage them to try all different sports, and this gives them the opportunity to find something they enjoy doing, not just because they are good at it.

Liz McColgan won the world cross country silver medal

For any parents of potential stars, I would say give your kids the opportunity to develop in their sport and do not put the emphasis on just winning.

Many of the greatest athletes have simply developed along the way - some haven't been that naturally talented - myself included!

Give them the space to enjoy their sport,and when they have had a bad result help them turn it into a positive result.

My daughter, Eilish, is running and doing really well, but she can not win every race.

So when she loses, instead of being negative, we talk over where she thought she lost the race.

Then it's how we can help her not make the same mistake.

I always tell her that she can always learn something from her races - whether she wins or loses.

She now never fears races and is much more confident.

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