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How can I motivate my child?

Bribery will get you nowhere!

Your child will never become the next Jonny Wilkinson if he'd rather be splashing about in the pool than out on the pitch.

And it doesn't matter how often you force him to spend his time practising drop kicks!

Tune in

Instead, find out what your child's interested in and opt for some gentle encouragement.

Why not try taking them to along to watch a game to start off with?

Even if it's just a football friendly at your local park.

Home sweet home

A simple kick about in the back garden is a great way to get into sport.

It's a non-threatening environment and it'll give your child confidence.

Lead by example

If you play sport, take your child along with you.

Cycle to the shops together instead of getting in the car.

Don't watch from the side - get into the swimming pool with them.

Know your stuff

It's a good idea to try and understand the sport your kid plays.

Even if it's just getting to grips with the basics of the game, the position they play and the skills they need.

That way you won't feel left out when they recount the stunning switch pass and double loop that led to their team's winning try!

Keep the faith

Trust that your kids know what they're doing.

Let them make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes.

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The kids get a positive interaction with other children from all backgrounds. As well as enjoying a healthy lifestyle.
- C Wood, swimming coach


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