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What are the benefits of sport?

Healthy mind, healthy body

Regular sporting activity:

  • Reduces body fat
  • Strengthens bones
  • Aids co-ordination, balance and flexibility
  • Improves stamina and concentration
  • Fights depression and anxiety

    Start 'em young!

    An active child is more likely to become an active adult, so get them in the habit now!

    After all, there's no better way to keep fit and healthy.

    Improved skills

    Sport helps children develop all sorts of skills including balance and co-ordination.

    Quicker foot movement, improved hand-eye co-ordination, better balance...

    Get involved with others

    Being part of a team gives kids a great sense of belonging. It also challenges them to work in a group, and encourages them to think of others.

    Girls (and boys) just wanna have fun

    Sport doesn't have to mean competitive teams and expensive equipment but it should always be fun.

    What's more, all that activity should have the kids exhausted by bed time.

    That's got to be good news!

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  • Participation in any sport gives children a sense of achievement. Even if they had a dreadful game they can still take home a moment that made it worthwhile.
    - J Close, coach and father


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