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What is Academy Parent all about?

First time

The role you play as a parent is crucial to how your child approaches sport.

Academy Parent is here to help you and your children get the most out of sport, to maximise their fun and enjoyment.

Here's what you'll find in each section:

Kick start your kids

  • Why kids play and the benefits
  • How to motivate them and ways to get them involved.

    Parent's behaviour

  • Your roles and responsibilities

    Play it safe

  • What safety points you can check
  • How to deal with accidents and abuse
  • The effects of burnout and growth spurts
  • Advice on what part diet plays

    What's your game?

  • Guides to loads of sports and activities your child may want to try
  • Details on junior versions of sport
  • Tips on choosing clubs

    Get involved

  • How you can volunteer to help in sport

    Thinking of coaching?

  • How to run coaching sessions
  • What skills a good coach needs
  • Links to organisations where you can take your interest further

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  • Read tips and advice from parents and coaches who've had hands on experience


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