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The lowdown on common injuries
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Whatever your injury, we've got it covered
Everyone dreads getting injured, but with plenty of patience and some good medical advice you can be back on your feet in no time.

Check out our list of the most common sporting injuries.

Achilles heel
The Body's largest tendon can withstand forces of 1,000lb. So why does it get hurt so often?

Bone fracture
It's a painful business however you do it, but some breaks are worse than others.

Ligament damage
Most common around the knee and ankle, this can put you out for a while.

Metatarsal hell
Becks made the metatarsal famous; Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard also suffered.

Back injuries
Very common in sport - most athletes suffer with them at some stage of their career.

Hamstring strains
A young athlete's nightmare - but warm up properly and you can minimize the risk.

Shin splints
A common problem, especially for athletes who switch between playing surfaces.

Sprained ankle
One of the most common injuries in sport, an ankle sprain can be painful.

Dead leg
This is an impact injury, and dead legs are very common in contact sports.

This affects athletes in many sports - the muscles that work hardest tend to cramp up.

Knee injuries
Potentially very serious, especially if you damage the ligament.

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