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Dislocated shoulder
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Kyran Bracken receives treatment on his shoulder during the Lions tour to Australia in 2001
The shoulder joint is weaker than the hip

Craig Smith

Shoulder dislocation occurs when a player's arm is forced outwards and upwards by a tackle or heavy landing and the shoulder joint pops out.

Australian full-back Matt Burke picked up a very serious shoulder dislocation during a match a few years ago when he dived to score a try.

Burke was holding the ball under his arm when an opposition player landed on him forcing his chest and shoulder forward with the arm being pushed outwards by the ball.

The resulting shoulder dislocation took months to heal and kept Burke out for most of the season.

Injuries can occur quite easily because the shoulder joint, being a ball and socket joint, is quite shallow in depth compared to the hip joint, which is a proper deep ball and socket joint.

Because of this the shoulder is not as well protected as the hip and is more unstable and prone to dislocation.

Sydney Roosters' Shannon Hegarty and Brett Finch dish out a bone-crunching spear tackle
Ouch! Shoulder injuries are an occupational hazard in rugby

Dislocation will end a player's tournament but if a subluxation occurs, where the shoulder pops out and back in straight away, some players may be able to continue with the help of protective strapping, round-the-clock treatment and a huge heart.

The strapping will have to be applied around the front of the shoulder to reinforce the muscles and ligaments which support the joint.

Let's hope that when the tournament begins all the players involved avoid serious injury.

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Dislocated shoulder

Did you know?
Cruciate ligament injuries mean at least 9 months on the sidelines
A torn hamstring will keep an athlete out of action for 6-8 weeks
A dislocated shoulder may take 6 weeks to heal

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