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Get involved at Wimbledon 2004
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Wimbledon's strawberry sellers
How many of these strawberries have we shifted?
If you've been bitten by the Wimbledon bug here's your chance to get involved next year.

Thousands of people work throughout the fortnight to make sure everything runs as smoothly as Serena Williams' route to the final.

From security to strawberry sellers, ground staff to ball boys there's loads of jobs on offer.

The Sport Academy met a few of the unseen heroes of SW19 and lists how you can get involved in Wimbledon 2004.

Chris, James, Lucy and George
The SAS of the courts
Names: Chris, James, Lucy & George
Job: Court attendants
Pay: 4.40 an hour
Minimum age: 18

What you do: Work in a team to cover the courts as quickly as possible when it rains. Also get them ready for play. You need to be fit and willing to work 14 hours a day.

Good points: "Good chance to watch Wimbledon if you can't afford it. A free suntan and celebrity spotting."

Bad points: "When it rains on and off - basically doing our job!"

See much tennis? Yep especially when it's sunny - we can relax then."

More info:

Anna and Daniel
What a sweet couple!
Names: Anna and Daniel
Job: Catering staff
Pay: 4.20 an hour
Minimum age: 16

What you do: Work as a waiter or server in one of the many restaurants and bars such as members or press areas.

Good points: "Watching tennis after the shift finishes, building up good rapport with customers."

Bad points: "Can be tiring - the days are long."

See much tennis? "We've seen a few matches with mates after we finish at 7pm."

More info:

Contact in January. Also deals with other customer service jobs at Wimbledon.

Seats you sir!
Name: Melanie
Job: Cushion seller
Pay: 55 per day plus commission
Minimum age: 17

What you need: "The gift of the gab. You need to quickly assess customers to see if they'll flash their cash. 'C'mon why don't you treat yourselves?' is always a good one."

Good points: "Lots of customer contact and a chance to get into the whole atmosphere."

Bad points: "Ratty customers when it rains."

See much tennis? "Lots of outdoor court action and some show court stuff too. To be honest I'm a bit tennis-ed out!"

More info: David Morrell, British Cushions Tel: 0116 2865766. Contact in December. They also supply cushions at cricket matches and concerts.

Henrietta and Julie
Girls with plenty of tennis balls
Names: Henrietta and Julie
Job: Ball distribution officers
Pay: Around 50 a day
Minimum age: 18

What you do: "Make sure all the balls go out to the right courts. Selling used balls to the public."

How did you find out about the job? "We both worked here before - as a statistician and a ball girl!"

Good points: "Good way to earn some pennies and the chance to see good looking tennis players."

Bad points: "The rain!"

See much tennis? "You can see tennis during your breaks - so yeah."

More info:

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Jobs at Wimbledon
Strawberry seller
Ball boy or girl
Security Guard
Ball distribution officer
Court attendants
Ice cream seller
Cushion seller
Waiter or waitress

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