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Keeping a Hawk-Eye on the action
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Hawk-Eye helps track where players are serving

The Academy decided to investigate the latest in tennis technology...

What is Hawk-Eye?

Hawk-Eye is an extremely clever computer system that uses the latest camera technology to track the ball on court.

The aim is to help viewers understand the game better and work out whether the ball really was in or out!

How does it do this?

Hawk-Eye is able to map the path of the ball during each shot.

It also takes into account the skid and compression of the ball before producing a computer generated replay which can be viewed through 360.

Speed and direction sewn up

Commentators such as John McEnroe and Boris Becker can then use these 3D graphics to illustrate a whole host of match statistics.

It can also be used to help analyse a player's performance and match strategy.

This will help give viewers a better insight into Wimbledon's big-match showdowns.

What else can Hawk-Eye do?

Hawk-Eye could, one day, become the tennis equivalent of a video ref in rugby, a third umpire in cricket or a photo finish in athletics.

By illustrating whether or not a ball is out of play, it may well spell the end of contentious line call decisions.

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What Hawk-Eye will be looking out for
Serve direction: Hawk-Eye graphics illustrate the bounce point of serves, colour-coded by Ace, first serve and second serve
Break Point: Graphics illustrate the bounce point of all serves in play while the serve is at break point
Ace Analysis: 3D graphics illustrate the path and bounce point of all aces
Service Trajectory: 3D graphics illustrate the path of a specific player's serve
Return hit point: Separate 3D graphics show the hit point of all returns of serve for each player
Rally hit point: For each player, a separate graphic showing the bounce point of all their strokes hit into play
Rally direction: For each player, a separate graphic showing the bounce point of all their strokes in play
Baseline winners: For each player, a separate 3D graphic shows the speed and direction of each baseline winner.

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