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Improve your cardiovascular fitness
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A rower on a rowing machine
Rowing is a great way of improving your fitness

Former British ski champ Graham Bell reveals his tips

The heart and lungs are the engine that drive your body and will keep you going all day on the slopes at altitude.

Try and start at least six weeks before the start of your holiday and you'll notice a big difference.

Any way you can improve your cardiovascular system will help to improve your skiing stamina.

If you're not a gym junkie, even going for a brisk walk will give you a decent cardiovascular work out.

A runner on a treadmill
Try to run three times a week

Walk upstairs instead of catching lifts or walk up escalators instead of standing still.

Try whenever possible to get yourself a little bit out of breathe.

The best way to improve aerobic fitness - exercise using oxygen - is to train for a longer period of time at a manageable pace.

Little and often is better than charging like mad until you're blue in the face.

Cycling, running, rowing or stepping for 20 minutes three times a week will provide a solid base.

But skiing is also an anaerobic sport - where you don't use oxygen for short, fast bursts.

On your way down you're often working harder than the amount of oxygen you can breathe in, before resting on a lift and doing it all over again.

So interval training - short bursts of exercise followed by a rest period and then repeated - can also help increase your all-round fitness.

All of which will leave you with plenty of oomph to enjoy the après-ski activities your resort has to offer.

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The fit skier
Cardio fitness
Building muscle
Get stretching!

Ski holiday tips
Make sure you drink plenty of water before you ski
This is important because you can get easily dehydrated at altitude
If you can, have a massage after a day's skiing
If not, do a few stretches before soaking in a hot bath
Above all, have fun!

:: British Ski and Snowboard Federation

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