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British skateboarder Nick Jensen
Nick says you have to come up with your own style

British skateboarder Nick Jensen

Anyone can skate - it doesn't matter how fit you are.

You don't have to work out or watch your diet.

It's hard for everyone - no-one has it easy.

Don't get angry when things don't go your way.

Remember, the learning stage is the best part of skating.

If it's not fun then don't do it!

You can pick up useful tips but when you fall off there is no-one to blame except maybe your board.

There is no right way to skate - just do it the way you like it.

Nick Jensen shows the Academy some moves
Nick lines up another trick

Skating is not like a sport where you can categorise who is better than who - it is a matter of opinion.

But a lot of skaters have inspired me.

I really like Anthony Papalardo because he skates city spots in New York and Philadelphia.

I look up to top skaters but at the same time they're just people.

They probably skate just the same streets you do.

When people ask me where I'll be in five years time I say I'll probably be working as a dustbin man!

Being a pro skater would be a dream but it is a lot of responsibility and commitment.

I got into skating because it was fun.

If skating was more of a job perhaps I wouldn't enjoy it so much.

If I can get paid for skateboarding that's amazing, but if I don't it doesn't bother me either.

Keeping it street
Enjoy your skating

Nick Jensen fact file
Age: 17
Lives: London
First board: Santa Cruz board handed down from elder brother
Rides for: Blueprint
Dislikes: Bad weather when skating
Favourite skater: Mark Johnson
Favourite films: Lord of the Rings, Clerks, The Big Lebowski

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To improve your balance, keep your chin in line with your belly button
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Nick Jensen
Street skater

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