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Train to catch the high balls
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Jonny Wilkinson practices taking high kicks for England
Good high kicks are very useful in attack
Aim: To catch as many the high balls you have kicked through the posts as possible.

Drill: Stand behind the goalposts and try to punt the ball as high as you can above the posts.

As soon as you have kicked the ball, run to the other side and try to catch the ball.

How far you stand behind the goalposts depends on your kicking ability.

The more confident you are, the further you stand back.

If you are still getting to grips with kicking, stand closer to the goalposts.

After catching the ball, turn and grubber kick through the posts over the try line and start all over again.

Benefits: This drill will help you develop the accuracy and power of your punt kicks.

Not only that, but it is also a good way of getting into a habit of chasing up your own kicks.

Having an opponent in between you and the goalposts is a good way of experimenting with your grubber kicks.

Change the power on your kicks to see how far the ball will go.

Having the defender there will also help you to get the accuracy for the kick.

It is also another great way of chasing up after making the kick.

Piggy in the middle
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Tackle challenge
The weaver
Train safely

What you need
One or two players
A rugby ball
A set of goalposts

Set yourself targets
How many of your kicks can you successfully catch?
Can I kick the ball from further out and still get to the other side and make the catch?

Get a team-mate to stand between the posts after you have caught the high kick
They will try to tag or tackle you as you chase your grubber kick

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