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Read your poems in honour of Wilko!
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After Andrew Motion's poem in honour of Jonny Wilkinson, We asked all you budding poets to write an ode to England's favourite fly-half.

And judging by our entries so far, Mr Motion should be a very worried Poet Laureate indeed.

David, Oxford

A young boy dreams of a famous night,
A time Down Under full of fright,
Where fifteen men with brawn and brain,
Battle hard in wind and rain.
A hero rises dressed in white,
His drop goal falls into the night,
He wins the tie, the day is done,
His Kick, our joy, our Wilkinson!
The child wakes up, tis not a dream,
The Aussies beaten, Webb Ellis gleams.

James, Larrakeyah, Australia

The whole pub groans, the crowd starts to boo,
Elton Flatley has put another one through.
I couldn't believe it, hands on my head,
Right then I was thinking I'd rather be dead.
Up goes the kick off, but Skip misses the punt,
One last push lads one last grunt.
The ball comes to Dawson I pick up my beer,
Wait a minute boys, we've got a chance here.
Good running Dawson nice one son,
Now recycle the ball and give it to Jon.
Back comes the boot slicing through air,
I'd spilt half my pint but I didn't care.
Cos the egg shaped ball was sailing up, up and up,
Then down through the posts and we'd won the World Cup!

Nick, Peterborough

When Wilko hit that triumphant kick,
He became very famous really quick.
The time has come for Becks to stand aside,
As Wilko restored that English pride.
So now you know the time has come,
Because Wilko's England's number one!

Kat, Ivybridge

Martin to Dawson or Dawson to him, it happens so fast my heads in a spin.
Jonny's in the box and he's got the ball, "drop goal" comes the unnecessary call.
Look over to Jonny and what do I see, the greatest 20 seconds there will ever be.
Will Greenwood's on the floor, the ball is with Catt, I've forgotten to watch coz no one can beat that.
We've beaten the Aussies and won us a cup, there's Jonno now, lifting it up!

Sam, Prescot - Happy 11th birthday Sam!

You scored past the French,
The Australians too,
And that is why we like you!

Eric, Bracknell

Young Wilko's the name brave & strong,
Against the Aussies he could do no wrong,
Stealing the ball, kicking the goals,
Finding the Aussies defensive holes.
There is no doubt it will not come to be,
That Jonny has to say remember me.

David, London

O Jonny, where were you when the Green Army came?
Without you our back line looked tender and tame,
We jumped without joy as the O'Brothers roamed,
What we really need now is for you to be cloned.

John, Burntwood

There once was a lad called Johnny,
He wasn't a Scot but was bonny,
He hammered the Roos,
Now they're singing the blues,
Its all down to this wonderful Pommie.

Andy, 21, Philadelphia, USA

Roses are red,
The Frogs are blue,
You beat the Aussies,
Jonny we love you!


There was this young Falcons fly-half,
Who kicked for England on our behalf,
Once he had converted,
World cup we all blurted,
How did we get such good staff!

And here's a little song from Raymond, 57, West Sussex (to the tune of The Hokey-Cokey):

You put both hands in,
Your backside out,
Your left leg in,
And the ball rockets out,
It flies between the posts, v And you turn around,
And that's what it's all about
Oh the whinging Poms are winning
Oh the whinging Poms are winning
Oh the whinging Poms are winning
And that's what it's all about.

Reckon you can do better? Well let's have it then!


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