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Kick to touch
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A kick that reaches touch safely can be a tremendous boost to a team under pressure.

If it goes wrong though, you could end up giving the ball away to the opposition.

Fail to find touch - and there's a real danger that could happen.

So, while you need to get distance on the ball it's even more important to be accurate.

Remember you can only kick straight to touch if you're behind your own 22m line.

Anywhere else on the pitch and the ball must bounce first before crossing the sideline.

If it goes straight in, the line-out will be brought back to where the ball was kicked instead of where it went out.

That means you're not gaining any ground, so it's a wasted kick.

You can kick to touch using a straightforward punt.

Or you can put spin on the ball which makes it spiral through the air, giving it distance.

This is called a screw ball.

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Kick to touch
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Did you know?
Way back in 1963 during a Five Nations showdown with Scotland, Wales half-backs Clive Rowlands and David Watkins decided to use some unusual kicking tactics.
Because it was so wet and muddy they hatched a plan to kick for touch as many times as possible
The result was a mind-numbing 111 line-outs in 80 minutes.
The tactics paid off - Wales won the match 6-0.
But the International Rugby Board weren't happy and they decided to change the laws.
It's been illegal to kick straight to touch from outside the 22m line ever since. Instead, the ball must bounce first.

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