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Jonah fends off the tackle of Ireland's Shane Horgan
Wearing the All-Black shirt is a fantastic honour

Jonah Lomu

One of the fittest guys I know is my fellow All-Black, Eric Rush.

He's the oldest guy I know who plays international rugby for New Zealand.

He's 37, broken his leg, come back and still going, teaching the young fellas how to do it.

Eric is also one of my closest friends.

Eric Rush in action for New Zealand
Eric is a real hero of Jonah's

My parents are the most inspirational people in my life.

My manager Phil Kingsley-Jones is another person whom I admire.

I use him as my mentor and close friend.

All these guys were supportive when I was out for eight months with Nephrotic Syndrome, a rare and serious kidney disorder, back in 1997.

It was probably the lowest point of my career.

But I set myself a goal - when I finished my treatment, I wanted to be an All Black again.

And I did that within 10 months.

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My biggest fear is my mum getting angry at me!
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Jonah Lomu

What is Nephrotic Syndrome?
What is it?: Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder
How does it affect you?: Reduces the amount of protein in your blood supply
How?: The proteins are leaked into the urine instead of being kept in the blood cells
What does it do to you?: Causes your tissues to swell, especially in your legs
Is it dangerous?: In extreme cases, it can lead to kidney failure, which can result in death
How can it be treated?: With medicine and a change in diet

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