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My training routine
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Olivia playing against Australia in a Test series
Stretch one, two, three and to the right one, two..

Olivia Murphy

It's a big commitment being a netball player - there's no sleeping in or binges on chocolate!

I have to train for at least two hours every day, normally six days a week.

I get up at about 7am so I can get in an early training session.

If I go to the gym then I'll be training on my own although sometimes a personal trainer helps me with some strength and stamina work.

Because the England team are scattered across the country we tend to meet up in smaller units as often as possible.

It gives players who need to work on certain skills the chance to help each other out.

The shooters regularly meet up to get in some practice at the goalpost.

Olivia stretches herself at the Commonwealth Games
Olivia also uses her special flying powers on court!
When I join up with the other England players we don't just stick to working on our netball.

We do a bit of everything really - running, cycling, swimming, weights and sprinting.

The reason we do lots of different things is because our sport is so varied.

After all that exercise I need plenty of sleep and food!

To keep my energy levels up I have to eat plenty of carbohydrates - we call them our store foods.

And that includes things like pasta, potatoes, rice and vegetables.

Before a game we eat something light and not too fatty, like a jacket potato.

It's important to have a balanced diet so that means I have to watch how many crisps and chocolates I eat!

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