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What does a Basketball table official do?
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Lyn Marsh reveals her passion for basketball to the Sport Academy
What are the scores on the doors Lyn?
You might have to put up with the odd strop from players and coaches but there's no better place to be than court side.

One of Britain's chief table officials Lyn Marsh reveals her passion for basketball to the Sport Academy.

What do you do?
I am the chief who oversees other table officials, such as the time-keepers, but my general duty for many of the games is scoring the game.

This means recording the running score and taking note of which player actually scores and who makes the fouls.

Highs and lows?
The bad part of this job is dealing with irate coaches.

In a tough game some will really take it out on table officials if their team is not performing and we get the brunt of it.

You're not supposed to but I do answer back. It's hard not to.

My most embarrassing moment was when I didn't spot a basket in a BBL game and the timekeeper had a different score on the board.

The referee had to stop the game and sort it out. It was not pleasant but we all make mistakes.

What job involves
Final advice

Want to know more about officials awards?
Check out the EBBA website or contact EBBA

Want to know where your local club is?
Check out the Hoops website

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