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So you want to be a coach?
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Good players need talent but they also need good coaches.

It is the job of Sports coach UK to look after the development of coaching and coaches at every level in the UK.

How do I get to be a coach?

The most important quality you need to coach is enthusiasm.

People respond brilliantly to an eager, hard working leader.

Obviously, it will take a number of years to build up coaching skills and experience and a good reputation.

As with any job, there are downsides to coaching.

Coaches tend to work unsociable and long hours, as most training and competitions take place outside normal working hours.

However, if a professional coaching career is not for you there is still plenty of opportunity to get involved in sport.

The majority of coaches are part-time volunteers as most sport in Britain is played by amateurs.

Try and gain as much experience as you can.

Involvement at school and experience helping with sports activities at club level will be an advantage.

To become a qualified coach in a particular sport, you will need to take the appropriate coaching qualifications offered by the national governing body of that sport.

If you want to be a coach, you can:

  • Contact the national governing body of the sport you are most interested in to request details of their coaching award structure, dates and courses running in your area
  • Contact further and higher education institutions who offer courses at different levels and entry will be decided on the basis of ability in and commitment to sport, and academic ability

If you want more information and advice on becoming a coach, visit the Sports coach UK website.

Or try some of these links.

Skills you need
Ability to communicate well
Understanding of how the mind and body works
Good organisational skills
Specialist knowledge of the sport you wish to coach
Wide range of other skills such as finance

Contact Sports coach UK
114 Cardigan Road Headingley Leeds LS6 3BJ
Tel: 0113 2744802

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