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Advanced tasks for stamina
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1. Alternate the following four exercises:
Spend three minutes on each, before moving straight on to the next one.

Have a rest (1-2 minutes) if needed, then repeat.

This time spend two minutes per exercise.

Rest, then repeat spending three minutes per exercise.

  • High knees
    Run on the spot, but bring knees up to chest height each time.

    Be careful to land gently and on the balls of the feet.

  • Skipping
    If possible use a mixture of fast and slow music and try to skip in time.

    Once you are comfortable with the basic skip try to vary the types of skip used (two feet, alternate legs, twisting the rope).

    Each week try to build up the length of time you are skipping for.

    Try skipping for a minute, then jog slowly for a minute to recover, then skip again for another minute.

    Aim to keep this going as long as you can.

    As you start to tire, do 30 seconds of skipping, 30 seconds recovery, then 20 seconds of each.

    In this way you should be able to keep it up for at least 5-10 minutes.

  • Toe touches
    Run on the spot, but this time lift alternate feet up to waist height.

    Your knee should be pointing out to the side. And then touch your arches.

  • Running on the spot
    Run on the spot for a set period of time (or for a number of set periods of time with a rest)

    2. Cross country running
    Split a course/football pitch into four sections, e.g. one section is one side of the pitch.

    Alternate jogging and steady pace running (e.g. half sprinting speed) along each section.

    So run the long side, jog the short side, run, jog and so on.

    Build this up slowly, eventually running, two sections, jogging one, running two and so on.

    You can vary this task by using a set route and alternating between the jog and walk every 60 seconds, or four hundred steps.

    See if you can find a friend or two to do this with you, they can help you stay motivated.

    The joy of doing laps in this way is that you can run at different speeds but don't need to worry about losing each other.

    If you find yourself getting bored then you aren't working hard enough.

    Try to speed the run up, and replace the jog with a steady run. Keep going for a minimum of 30-45 minutes.

    3. Cross country group running
    Mark out a course (1-3 miles depending on age and ability of group).

    The group should run in single file with the leader setting the pace for the group, a pace that they are comfortable with.

    Every minute the leader falls to the back and allows the next person in the line to pace set.

    The individual at the back of the line is responsible for making sure the group keeps together.

    If one person starts to tire or slow then the group should fall back.

    The emphasis in this task should be teamwork and encouragement.

    The person at the back is responsible for encouraging and motivating the others.

    4. Swimming and cycling
    This one's for anybody with access to a bike and/or swimming pool.

    Doing anything continuously for a minimum of 20-30 minutes will help to build your stamina.

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