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Beginners tasks for co-ordination
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1. Throwing skills
Throw an object against the wall. Try it with both feet together, one foot forward and then again with the opposite foot forward.

Which foot position is easiest? Why?

Hopefully you found it easier with the opposite foot forward. This gives you more balance, enabling you to get more force behind your throw.

In a game position this would make it easier as you would be in the correct position to move off immediately after throwing the ball.

  • Getting trickier!
    Now step back from the wall. Keep stepping back until you are the furthest you can be from the wall and still be able to get the ball to reach it.

    How can you get more force behind it to be able to throw it even further?

    Pull arm back, turn body sideways on to target. Throw body by turning quickly and releasing object high and forwards.

    Follow through with arm. You can make this task harder by putting targets on the wall at different heights.

    Have large targets, and small ones that require an accurate throw to hit.

    You could use card or paper to make the targets. How many times can you hit all the targets in a minute?

    2. Catching skills
    Throw and catch a soft ball to self. Throw it up with one and two hands.

    Watch the ball at all times. Try some big throws, small throws, fast throws, slow throws, and throws that make you move.

    It's easier to catch if you move to get right under the ball.

    Catching with two hands is easier, but it is also slower as you have to get both hands into position.

    If you want to throw the ball again immediately (as in the task) then catching with one hand is definitely an advantage.

    Where are your fingers pointing when you catch the ball?

    When catching the ball above waist height they should be pointing up, when catching below waist height they should be pointing down.

    Throw and catch the ball, but try to touch the ground, or clap your hands in between.

    So throw, clap, catch, or throw, touch ground, catch. What gives you more time for the actions in between?

    A strong throw straight up so that you don't have to move to catch the ball.

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