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Misteeq duo's top fitness tips
Around the Academy:

The Misteeq girls won the Soccer six title
The Soccer Six football tournament gets the biggest names in pop battling it out in the name of charity.

The Academy's roving reporter caught up with Su-Elise and Alesha from Misteeq to get some sporting chat.

Sport Academy: How did you enjoy Soccer Six?

Su-Elise: I had a great time!

Alesha's boyfriend - So Solid Crew's Harvey

I like to play a bit of football in the park and I'm a huge Arsenal fan. It's great fun getting stuck in and I really look forward to events like this.

Alesha: It was brilliant fun. I love football and play whenever I can. My boyfriend, Harvey (from So Solid Crew) likes to play with his mates and they don't always like to let the girls join in!

SA: Have you always been interested in sport?

Su-Elise: Definitely. I was pretty good at lacrosse at school and I really enjoyed it. If I had the time it's definitely something I'd start doing again.

Open Quote
The vibes you get from being part of a team makes it even more fun
Close Quote

I also used to run cross-country for my county (Surrey) and I loved swimming. Basically I did any sport I could when I was at school and I was very active.

Alesha: I was a really sporty kid as well. I played netball for my school and county teams as well as running for the county. I also coached gymnastics.

I was interested in all sports, but especially playing in a team. For me, the vibes you get from being part of a team makes it even more fun.

SA: Do you get time for sport now that you're in the band? Also, do you have to watch your diet?

Su-Elise: It's hard to find the time to work out nowadays, but I do a lot of dancing on stage and I'm sure that helps keep me in shape.

Alesha Dixon
Alesha gets to the gym when she can

To be honest, I find it hard to get motivated for a trip to the gym! And at the moment, dancing seems to be working well enough for me.

It's certainly important to eat healthily, but I don't believe in diets. I eat whenever I feel hungry - to me that means my body needs food.

Alesha: I go to the gym whenever I can, but it's really hard to find the time.

Misteeq are always on the go and we spend a lot of time performing. When we do get some free time we just want to relax!

When it comes to food I'm exactly the same as Su-Elise - I see food and eat it!

I don't really have any rules over what I eat and I don't believe in diets. I simply believe in eating when you're hungry.

SA: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to get playing sport?

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Things like dance and aerobics are geat fun and keep you really fit
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Su-Elise: I think it's really important to find something you enjoy - and don't just look to traditional sports. Things like dance and aerobics are great fun and get you really fit.

Alesha: I would say go running, but not on your own as it's more fun with someone else. I also think it's a good idea to join a club. Apart from the sporting aspect, it's a great way to meet new people and make friends.

All about Misteeq
The band: Sabrina Washington, Alesha Dixon, Su-Elise Nash
Style: UK's premier r'n'b/garage girl band
Top ten hits: Six - Why, All I want, One night stand, B with you, Roll On/This Is How We Do It, Scandalous
Favourite sports at school: Su-Elise - lacrosse, swimming; Alesha - netball, gymnastics


Su-Elise Nash
Misteeq star

It's really important to find a sport you enjoy - things like dance and aerobics are great fun and get you really fit

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