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Practice your goalkeeping drills
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Goalkeeping drills to keep you on your toes
Goalkeeping drills to keep you on your toes

As goalkeeper you play a vital role within the team.

So when it comes to training, make sure you're not just used for target practice by the others!

Keepers need to be agile and have quick reactions.

Here are a few drills to help keep you on your toes.


Setting up

Spread as many balls as you can around the circle edge.


One player moves around shooting the ball and the keeper must try to save as many as possible.

You could also try using two goal shooters trying to score from different angles.


Get the shooters to use a variety of shots such as slaps, pushes and flicks.

Also get the two players to pass the ball between them before shooting.

Diving saves

Making a diving save is the best part of being a goalkeeper.

This drill should help you get the knack of it.

Setting up

Ask the shooter to place six balls in a line, slightly off centre about eight yards from the goalmouth.


Move sideways across the goal to make as many saves as you can.


The goalkeeper stands in the ready position next to the left post.

Make a sideways shuttle and touch the opposite post with your hand or stick.

The noise of your stick against the post will be a cue for the shooter to fire one of the balls low towards the left hand corner.

Start returning towards the left post and then dive to make the save.

Do this six times, have a little rest and then do it all over again - this time starting at the right hand post.


As soon as you've touched the post with your stick, turn your head towards the ball and keep your eyes on it.

Save using both gloves and drive through the path of the ball.

Get in the swing with golf balls

Saving hockey balls will seem easy after this!

Practice saving golf balls
Try saving golf balls instead

Setting up

Kneel down in the middle of the goal.

Get a friend to roll golf balls along the ground to the right hand corner and left hand corner of the goal.


From the kneeling position, dive to clear as many of the balls as you can


You have to dive to clear the golf balls and get back into kneeling position before the next ball is sent down.

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Top tips
Imagine a line stretching from the centre of the goal through you to the ball.
Keep a balanced ready position and practice moving in a small arc from post to post with short sideways steps.

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