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Thorpey reveals his fishy tales
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Thorpe: I will swap you all these for some Sashimi

Aussie swimming sensation Ian Thorpe tells BBC Sport Academy all about his love for Japanese food.

When I am training at home I have a very healthy diet.

For breakfast I have cereal, toast and fruit juice.

I will usually have jam on my toast and the fruit juice is usually fresh orange.

The rest of my meals in the day consist of low fat foods which are high in carbohydrate with a lot of protein and plenty of vegetables.

This gives me the energy to swim as much as I want, especially when I wash it down with an isotonic drink.

Orange juice
Thorpe: Big fan of fruit juice

This is the diet I have for six days out of seven a week. It is pretty boring and can get frustrating because I love my chocolate.

The other night of the week, I go out to a restaurant with my friends and eat whatever I want.

Maybe I will go out to a Japanese place and have some Sashimi which is a meal I really love.

If I ever really need a snack on my day off I will have sopmething like Caramel Space Food Sticks. These are long chewy energy sticks which are really tasty.

This helps me to keep a bit of normality in my life.

It would be ridiculous if I ate healthily every time I was hungry.

Even top swimmers need to have a little bit of fun every now and then!

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Thorpe's top tips

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My healthy diet can get pretty frustrating and, like most people, I love my chocolate
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Ian Thorpe
Ian Thorpe

Facts about Sashimi
It is a thinly sliced fresh fish
It is eaten raw
It is one of the most popular dishes in Japan
It is served with soy sauce and wasabi which is Japanese horseradish
One of the tastiest forms of Sashimi is made from the Yellowback fish
Some people have it on a small ball of sushi rice

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