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Healthy Eating
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Matchday menu

Get up in good time and make sure you have your breakfast. We will presume the match is kicking off at 1500 GMT.

An example of a good breakfast would be:

  • Fruit juice
  • Cereal or porridge

    Plus one of the following:

  • A piece of fruit
  • Yoghurt

    And one of the following:

  • Toast with honey or jam or even baked beans
  • Pancakes, crumpets or hot cross bun

    Here are some tips for the day:

  • Have an isotonic drink after your breakfast
  • Take a cool box containing your food and drinks
  • Make sure you take plenty of high energy snack bars

    Do not rely on the canteen at the place you are going to having everything you need - they probably won't.

    It is advisable to check up on their eating facilities before the day.

    Light lunch

  • Have a light lunch around three to four hours before start

    Alan Shearer always has chicken and beans but most people would find this too heavy after a good sized breakfast.

    Fruit is a vital part of breakfast

    A better lunch would be to have a small pasta dish or jacket potato and beans or cottage cheese.

    If you are involved in a sport which takes between one and three hours such as running, football, rugby, tennis, cycling, swimming then you should be fully prepared for your race.

    If your event is likely to take more than three hours to complete (eg: marathon running) then this preparation may not be ideal for you.

    During the match

    Once the competition has started, it is important to consume liquid when you can.

    If possible, aim for 100-150ml every 15 minutes.

    If you are playing a team sport or tennis you should try to eat a banana at half-time or in the break.

    After the match

    It is crucial you refuel your body with all the energy which has been lost. Drink plenty of fluid - an isotonic drink if possible - and have a high carbohydrate and high protein meal.

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    Matchday menu

    Good breakfast
    Porridge: Washed down with fruit juice
    Yogurt: Or a piece of fruit if you prefer
    Toast: With honey or jam
    Energy drink: Isotonic is best

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