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Monster drivers: who's the baddest?
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Golfers have a saying.

Putt for dough - drive for show.

In other words, putting well will win you tournaments but whacking the ball off the tee will impress your mates!

So who are the biggest hitters in the game? Check out our top four.

No 1: Michael Hoke Austin, 515 yards

Mike as he looks today. Photo courtesy of
Mike as he looks today. Photo courtesy of
Austin still holds the record for the longest drive in a competition.

He thumped the ball a massive 515 yards back in 1974, during the US National Senior Open - now the US Senior Open.

"It seemed to defy gravity", said Austin.

Austin was born on Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

But he moved to America where he won more than 100 tournaments.

He now makes a living selling books and videos on the secret to hitting the ball further.

No 2: John Daly, 414 yards

'Wild Thing' John Daly is the leading driver on the US Tour with an average distance of 306.7 yards.

However, his record drive is 440 yards, coming during a practice round with Jack Nicklaus at the 1993 Open Championship at Royal St. George's.

Daly is a talented golfer with a short fuse.

He has been known to pull out of tournaments if he's not doing too well.

But he's still one of the biggest crowd pullers in the game.

No 3: Sean Fister, 406 yards

The actual title of World Long Drive Champion belongs to Sean 'The Beast' Fister.

He hails from the same town - Little Rock, Arkansas - as former President and golf enthusiast, Bill Clinton.

Fister won the title from four-time champion, Jason Zuback, who once found the green on a 270-yard hole with a putter!

Fister and Zuback both make a living on the longest drive tour - where players compete for prize money to see who can hit the ball furthest.

No 4: Tiger Woods

Tiger hits it big but not as big as some.

His secret is consistency.

The world No 1 regularly drives the ball 300 yards reducing difficult holes and courses to little more than ordinary.

He can also hit his 2-iron with phenomenal accuracy almost as far.

Tournament organisers have been forced to lengthen certain holes to make them 'Tiger-proof'.

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Fastest hitters
Sean Fister: 150mph +
Tiger Woods: 127mph
Average Tour Pro: 118mph
Average club golfer: 80-90mph

Hole-in-one records
Youngest: Coby Orr, aged 5, had a hole-in-one at the 110 yard 5th at the Riverside Club in Texas
Oldest: Otto Bucher, aged 99 years and 244 days, had a hole-in-one at the 130-yard 12th hole at La Manga Golf Club in Spain n 1985

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