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Keep 'em out with David James
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David in full voice for England
David has made England goalkeeper's jersey his own
David James has been keeping Premiership strikers at bay for almost 12 years, and has established himself as England's number one shot stopper.

David explains the art of goalkeeping.

I have a structure to my training which I stick to very strictly.

When you've caught 20 crosses in a row it can start to get pretty dull, but it has to be done at least three or four times a week.

You have to do it to keep your body focused, and make sure the 'easy' things don't become a problem during the game.

Constant training helps you get the basics right

That applies to all aspects of a goalkeeper's work - kicking, punching, name it, it has to be addressed.

I'd like to say it's really fantastic, but it can get pretty boring at times!

It's well worth it though, especially when it puts you in a position to play football for your country.

Scream and shout!

Another really important part of being a goalkeeper is communication.

I spend a lot of time shouting at my team-mates, so it helps if they know what I'm telling them!

Communication is the key

I spend a lot of time working on this, both with England and Man City. And it's not just me shouting at them - they have to communicate with me as well.

It's vital to practise this on the training ground, without the noise of the crowd. That way, everyone will know what they're doing when the pressure's really on!

A finely tuned machine

A healthy diet is crucial to sporting success.

The Rolls Royce - a finely tuned machine

A top-line athlete is like a Rolls Royce, and needs to be well looked after.

If the Rolls Royce is run on diesel (or chips!) it may not give the performance that people expect.

You need to lead a healthy lifestyle as well - night clubs and late nights won't help you put in a decent performance.

Keep your cool

Temperament is also a major factor - and I think that applies to any sport.

The essence of sport is competition, and if you 'lose your rag' every time you don't get your way you will always let yourself down.

It doesn't matter how much ability you have, if people think you might let them down they won't want you in their team.

David James
Gary Neville
David Beckham

David's stats
Born: 1 August 1970
Club: Manchester City
Height: 1.96m
Weight: 91.25kg
England debut: 29 March 1997

More about David
David is in to all types of music
He has a huge record collection and is a bit of a DJ
He also enjoys classical music and would love to go to The Proms
When it comes to films, David really knows his stuff
Among his favourites are: Bugsy Malone, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Taxi Driver and Vanilla Sky
David thinks Rio Ferdinand is the funniest member of the England team

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