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Stay on target with Beckham
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Beckham celebrates another goal
Beckham's goals have been vital for England
David Beckham is probably the most famous footballer in the world.

The England captain knows all about scoring vital goals, but just how does he do it? David reveals all!

It may sound obvious, but the most important thing about shooting is making sure you hit the target.

And it's not all about power - I think accuracy is more important. If you hit the opposite corner to where the keeper is you've got more of a chance of scoring.

Ronaldo is a master of disguise

A great way to do that is to disguise which way you're going to shoot. That's something that my Real Madrid team-mate Ronaldo does really well.

If you can look into one corner and strike the ball at the other you've a great chance of fooling the keeper.

Body shape

When you're striking the ball you've always got to get your body right.

Your standing foot shouldn't be too near the ball, but it needs to be close enough to help you balance.

It's also vital to keep the ball down. And to do that, you have to make sure you get your body over it.

Shooting is a hard skill to learn and there's a lot to remember. The key is to practice as much as possible and eventually you'll be banging those goals in!

Use your head

Of course, it's not all about hitting with your feet - all the best strikers use their head as well!

David works on his heading

I'm not too bad at heading - I'm quite tall, which means I get to most of the balls.

I think heading is quite simple really - it's just a case of getting as high and being as brave as you can.

Probably the trickiest part is keeping your eyes open! That can be tough, but it's crucial to keep your eye on the ball for as long as possible.

David James
Gary Neville
David Beckham

David's stats
Born: 2 May 1975, Leytonstone
Club: Real Madrid
Position: Midfielder
England debut: 1 September 1996 (versus Moldova)

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When you're striking the ball you've always got to get your body right
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David Beckham

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