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Have you got what it takes?

So, how can you tell if you've got what it takes to make it as a professional footballer?

The Sport Academy asked Roger Skyrme, a scout with Fulham FC, to reveal exactly what he looks for in a young player.

See how you measure up.

Roger Skyrme

It doesn't take a scout to pick out the best player on a pitch.

We're looking for more than just raw talent.

You'll rarely see me with my eyes on the ball during a match.

I need to find out about a player's character.

So I'll be busy looking at things like their position on the pitch, and whether they're prepared to get stuck in and help their team-mates out.

Something special

A player must have the right attitude.

How do you measure up?
How do you measure up?

It's ultra competitive out there, and very few players make it at the top level.

To succeed, you've got to have something special in your make-up that will help you rise above the rest.

I'll often arrange to meet a young player's family and find out a bit more about his background before deciding if I'm going to recommend him to a club.

You should make sure you have every chance of being spotted by playing at the highest possible standard.

You'll probably start off playing for your school team or local club side.

If you're any good you should progress to your district or county team and maybe even represent your country at school or youth level.

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How will I get noticed?
What are clubs looking for?
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Name: Roger Skyrme
Occupation: Retired school teacher.
Scout with Fulham, previously with Chelsea
Roger spent eight years working with the Welsh Schools Under-18s and the FAW Under-16s
During that time he worked with players such as Ryan Giggs and Robbie Savage

Buzz words
You can use the initials T-E-A-M to help you remember what qualities a scout looks for.
T is for Technical ability
That's your footballing skills. Things like passing and control.
E is for Effectiveness
What contribution do you make to a game, and how aware are you of what is going on around you?
A is for Athleticism
Agility, pace - your ability to get away from a defender.
M is for Manner
This is all about attitude. How deep do you dig? What's your discipline like? How do you react to decisions?

:: Were you born to be a star?

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