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A few Iceland facts!
Björk is one of Iceland's most famous stars
Björk will be singing for her country from the terraces
Ten crazy Icelandic facts

1. Iceland is not that icy! There are some large ice caps (including Vatnajökull, the biggest ice cap in Europe), but most of the country is green and grassy.

You can guarantee Scotland will receive an icy reception in Reykjavik though!

2. Iceland is famous for its natural hot springs, with many used as hot tubs for bathing - even in winter.

It's not uncommon to see people sitting in a natural hot pool during a blizzard!

3. By law, Icelanders must follow the ancient tradition of taking their last name from the first name of their father.

For example, if a man named Eirikur names his son Leif, his last name will be Eiriksson (the son of Eirikur)!

Coca-Cola is the unofficial national drink
No shortage of ice-cubes for that coke!

4. The singer Björk and Mastermind's Magnus Magnusson are Iceland's most famous exports.

5. Established in 930 AD, the 'Althingi' is the oldest parliament in the world!

6. Reykjavik (meaning smokey bay) is the world's most northerly capital city.

7. Golf fans can head for the Arctic Open, held in Akureyri, which is an all-night 'midnight sun' golf tournament attracting players from around the world.

8. Food fans can enjoy a local delight called 'Hákarl', which is putrefied shark meat that has been buried for up to six months to ensure sufficient decomposition!

9. Icelanders drink more Coca-Cola per head of population than any other country in the world!

10. Iceland has become a centre of musical cool in recently.

British musicians such as Damon Albarn, Jarvis Cocker, Ash and Mogwai have headed to the 'Ibiza of the north' for extended stays.

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