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Leg spin's all about love!
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Indian leg spinner Anil Kumble
Kumble and his fellow "leggies" baffle Hussain

Terry Jenner

England captain Nasser Hussain calls us "mystery bowlers" because of the way we can make the ball spin both ways using a similar wrist action.

It's done by flighting the ball high towards the batsman when you bowl.

You can't fire it in if you want it to spin!

Sometimes though, I think leg spinners are misunderstood.

They are often treated as stoppers and only used when the conditions are not right for fast bowlers.

But if we encourage young bowlers to think that it's okay to concede a few runs to take wickets, that's the way forward.

Nasser Hussain pulls a confused face
"It's turning left, no right! I've got no idea"

I remember Shane Warne saying that leg spin bowlers need a lot of love.

It's true, because they get an awful lot of stick.

They need an arm around them, and someone to say "come back for more next week son".

It's an art that has a mystique attached to it, but it's so uncomplicated really, it's a wonder there aren't more of us.

And I'm sure there will be chance for an England leg spinner to develop over the next four or five years.

It's my dream for one of the 'leggies' that I teach to take five wickets in each innings of a Test match against Australia one day.

But I hope Australia still win the match!

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Meet spin king TJ
A flick of the wrist
It's a love thing

Terry's top three tips
1. Spin the ball
2. Don't be afraid to flight the ball
3. Trust in your ability

What is leg spin?
Leg spin involves turning a ball off the pitch from the leg side of a right-handed batsman, to the off side.
The ball is gripped across the seam, and as it is bowled the wrist helps the fingers spin the ball from leg to off.
The ball is released out of the front of the hand.
A good rhythm is necessary to land the ball in the right spot.

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