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Andrew Hall in action for South Africa in a one-day game
Andrew is lucky enough to bowl yorkers on demand

Andrew Hall

You need to practice your yorkers as much as other balls.

You need to get the ball right up in the blockhole to limit the batsman's options.

If you bowl a length delivery you'll probably end up seeing the ball flying back straight over your head.

I can almost run in at any stage now and bowl a yorker at will.

Coming into a tight situation I'm very comfortable bowling six deliveries right in the slot.

Sachin Tendulkar digs out a yorker for India
Even class players hate yorkers

This comes through confidence and the years of practice knowing you can do it.

At the death you're not always going to get every single ball to york the batsman, but it's better to bowl a low full toss than a length ball.

In my first couple of one-day internationals for South Africa I was nervous because I didn't want to keep bowling bad balls.

But after a couple of games bowling at the death my confidence level gradually picked up.

But there's still lots you can learn.

Experimenting is good, but you don't want to try something completely new in a game, especially in a tight situation.

Shoaib Akhtar bowls during a Pakistani net session
Fancy facing a Shoaib yorker?

It's worth varying your pace or grip in training or less important matches to keep the batsmen guessing.

The guys I find most difficult to bowl to are the Pakistanis.

They somehow always find a way of picking up yorkers because their pitches at home are so slow and flat, they seem to pick up balls quicker than most.

I also think their bowlers are very good at bowling at the death, both Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Sami are good examples.

But every team has one or two guys that can bowl really well and there are some players that can do it better than others.

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Get the yorkers in

Did you know?
Andrew is lucky to be playing cricket today
He was shot at six times by a mugger getting money from a bank in 1998
A bullet lodged in his hand but fortunately didn't cause serious long-term damage

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