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If Simon Jones could...
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Simon Jones celebrates with his England team mates
Is there a Ferrari round the back?

We put England speedster Simon Jones on the spot with the latest in our series of tricky "if you could..." questions.

If you could...

Swop shoes with another sports star, past or present, who would it be?

Michael Jordan. As an all-round athlete he was immense. I don't really like basketball but I watched it just because he played. A true star!

Try out a new sport?

Action from the Tigers v Royals baseball match
Pitch in Si!

I'd love to have a go at baseball.

Play cricket at any ground in the world?

It would have to be Perth in Australia because it's so fast. It suits fast bowlers like me.

Not be asked one question for the rest of your career?

It would have to be about my knee. If I had a pound for every time I got asked about my knee I'd be a very rich man!

Have one extravagance?

Cars! I drive a sponsored Toyota Selica but I'd love to own a Ferrari Enzo. Unfortunately they cost about 500,000!

Be a popstar for the day?

Probably someone like Robbie Williams.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali
One lump or two?

Invite anybody you wanted for a chat over coffee?

It would have to be someone like Muhammad Ali. He's a legend.

Be present at any sporting event from the past?

My dad played cricket for England in the 1960s and although I've seen footage of him in action I would have loved to watch him play live.

Live anywhere else in the world?

Australia or South Africa maybe. Somewhere nice and warm. The winters in Britain are a bit too long for my liking!

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